We Tested 3 Cracked Dash HACKS

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Cracked Dashboards. We all hate them, but what can you do? This week on Money Pit, we’ll take a CRACK at 3 different options for fixing cracked dashboards.
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Tyler преди 8 минути
Everyone: yeah ok this is neat 2nd gen dodge owner: mhm mhm✏️📝
E3 UnderGround
E3 UnderGround преди 10 минути
Once you're done with the miata, you guys should move to working on Zack's rv.
Priyansh Mukul
Priyansh Mukul преди час
this video needs a "crack" counter
Jim M 75
Jim M 75 преди 2 часа
Great video, imo you should have went with a fibreglass based filler, much less prone to shrink and a bit stronger. The flocked dash looked great, it would have came out better still with an air gun but I was impressed with the result using the cheapo hand blower. Nothing screams "tuned" or "race" car more to me than a flocked dash, great safety addition for anywhere with a lot of sunshine too.
Johnie Blaze
Johnie Blaze преди 5 часа
You actually did not buy a letherete fix kit for like 20 dollars??.......Try visbella
Isaac Blakney
Isaac Blakney преди 6 часа
I was thinking about this the other day as I’ve never experimented with it; but is it possible to use heat (say a soldering iron) to melt harder smooth plastics together sand them, and then paint
Chris Pellatt
Chris Pellatt преди 7 часа
Other than the slightly high filler in the Miata dash the main reason it's so obvious is that you used a positive texture onto a positive textured surface. What you wanted as high spots are actually low spots and the "veins" of the texture are actually high spots. You can get leather look silicon moulds and do the same technique and it comes out much better. If I had the same issue I would still flock the dash as in my opinion flocked dashes are so much cooler.
J Johnson
J Johnson преди 10 часа
I have the overlay in had to use books to hold down the overlay til the adhesive to cure but i live in phoenix and two summers the overlay is starting to crack damn desert
SW clipz
SW clipz преди 11 часа
Obs Chevy owners😂
Lap of the World
Lap of the World преди 12 часа
Thank you for taking one for the team. I've got a poor old S30 that's going to need some dash treatment before it's done. I'm probably looking at a combination of cap and flocking to disguise the few seams and plastic texture of the cap.
Rider Made
Rider Made преди 12 часа
Stop tryna polish a turd
billy manilli
billy manilli преди 13 часа
why not flock the overlay? :D
George von Gal
George von Gal преди 13 часа
2nd gen owners watching this like 🤓
Brickwall beatty
Brickwall beatty преди 14 часа
I just replaced the dash in my truck. I pulled one out of another truck at a scrap yard for $20 and it looks better than the old one ever did
KEEPINITRIL преди 14 часа
@9:00 You kids ready to get high!?
Kuj Gaming
Kuj Gaming преди 14 часа
I changed the color of my door cards with SEM landau black as well. They turned out great in my opinion. However I didn’t use primer, I just scuffed them with a grey scotchbrite pad and some isopropyl alcohol, then laid the black down. Came out great.
rp94cobra преди 15 часа
To those thinking of painting your plastic, or composite material pieces such as this dude. Consider this. No matter what you do to these pieces, oil will always leave the core of the material and slowly lift to the surface. So just to let you no, no matter how much prep work you do eventually over time the paint will lift away from the surface and flake off. Not ragging on his work but in my opinion painting those materials just blows and isn't worth it in the long run.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt преди 15 часа
“Filler is kinda what bondo is" "smells just like bondo" 🤔🤔🤔
Clemens Exenberger
Clemens Exenberger преди 15 часа
Who also gut unusualy much ads in this video
MValimaa преди 15 часа
BAAAAAH! Super entertaining stupidity, sorry
Simon Mayor
Simon Mayor преди 15 часа
Never mix bondo or any type of filler on cardboard. It will absorb the resins and hardener.
Esau Bonilla
Esau Bonilla преди 17 часа
zach jobes patience is so incredible
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt преди 15 часа
ZACH, what you needed on the Miata dash were the "SEM 70022 Interior Graining Pad". You could still go back and go over the repair. You use what looks like a soldering iron
swagdaddy1015 xxx
swagdaddy1015 xxx преди 18 часа
can someone help educate me on how badly crack the dash has got or why does it crack that bad??
Jose Jimenez Baez
Jose Jimenez Baez преди 19 часа
Another way you can do is wrap it in suede and easy fix
Josh Greenwalt
Josh Greenwalt преди 19 часа
Watching people work on cars is hilarious cuz in real life it usually ends up being the most frustrating thing when you mess up and you can tell he is holding back his full frustration for the camera. I love it.
Diego Loera
Diego Loera преди 20 часа
Do more s14 content
Owen Roth
Owen Roth преди 20 часа
This is hands down my favorite show on donut at this point and I hope it's going well for Zach. Keep this show up!!!
Felipe Solis
Felipe Solis преди 20 часа
Any man wearing cut jean shorts is not a man.
Elliot Ellis
Elliot Ellis преди 21 час
The s14 looks better in my opinion.
R2 D2
R2 D2 преди 21 час
You actually did really well on the $35 option -- even though you can see where you fixed it, still WAY better than having a dumbasscrack in the dash! Well done!
Ben Aubrey
Ben Aubrey преди 22 часа
I think this had to do with the lighting but the flocked one looked awful. I'd want to see it in better lighting.
Thomas H.
Thomas H. преди ден
Next episode: The three best methods to get lung cancer. For the love of god, wear a proper mask when handling fine powders and sprays!
Confuzed преди ден
How much of the stuff did he breathe in
Yoeri Kurvers
Yoeri Kurvers преди ден
I can't stand to see the c-stand abuse :(
dreamkiss4u преди ден
i dont like the one you chose to be the winner it looks like the 80s dashboard but the cheap route looks promising ...I think for your first time it looks really good almost perfect but by learning better method in applying things and or other things knowing there is humps still at the end then maybe sanding down the humps before hand and before putting the filler so it wont make the hump even higher at the end of it all is the key to making those not show up after.
Sah_Thur преди ден
Dodge owners 😳
Norm D
Norm D преди ден
ZACH, what you needed on the Miata dash were the "SEM 70022 Interior Graining Pad". You could still go back and go over the repair. You use what looks like a soldering iron with a flat end on it. It uses the heat to transfer the pattern that's on the graining pad to the repaired part, just working it along. When I was in my teens I could do a repair that you couldn't tell it was repaired, but you had to use graining pads. They sell those on Amazon and other places.
Jace Inlow
Jace Inlow преди ден
This guy looks like to tournt Timmy fro til tok
dimitri13 преди ден
Don't forget that buying a replacement dash is only like 5% of it. The other 95% of it is pulling the old one, replacing all the other stuff you broke doing so, then bolting the new one in. And since you already have the dash out, you might as well replace your heater core, evaporator core, the broken blend door, and since you're fixing all the under-dash stuff, you might as well finally replace the compressor so you have working AC.
Hayden Boardman
Hayden Boardman преди ден
Cheapest option: Slap a sticker on it
easy nine
easy nine преди ден
Dont forget the hardener 70 year old guy shit martha grab my viagra i need a hardener Honey thats not I dont care woman Guy puts viagra in as the hardener Miata drives off and comes back as a gtr or some shit idk but im tired and have noth iij ng netter to thjnk of
The DREadEd fam
The DREadEd fam преди ден
Flock it brotha all day
David Baji
David Baji преди ден
Damn that shirt at the end is already sold out. Make more please!
Joshua Adams
Joshua Adams преди ден
Duuude. I would have be waaaay more mad if someone wrecked my perfect (minus a tiny tiny crack) Miata dash. You held it together way better than I would have lol
Cody Miller
Cody Miller преди ден
I was thinking about glow in the dark hot glue engine paint and texture brush for drywall on my s13
Momxntous преди ден
Dodge owners be like:
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni преди ден
The only thing missing from the flocked dash is a picture of Elvis.
guyintheshado преди ден
What we learned; if your dash is cracked, buy a new one
Eks calybur
Eks calybur преди ден
How durable is that Flock It? Does every thing that interacts with it take bits of it away?
portypotty111 gaming
portypotty111 gaming преди ден
HE BOUGHT A GT-R Edit:not even a nismo GT-R
Matt Dock
Matt Dock преди ден
Flock all the things!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni преди ден
if you can going to a junk yard on the east coast will give you uncracked dashes
Z/dos преди ден
This is very much not an english problem
Diavuno преди ден
Should have just used spray adhesive and marine vinyl
Omrie Sabbagh
Omrie Sabbagh преди ден
Well If Zach Sanded The Miata Dash More, It Would Have No Texture. Just My Opinion, But That Would Look Really Clean.
Childish преди ден
Just use ramen
CJ Bryan
CJ Bryan преди ден
Did you just tell me to get Flocked????
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams преди ден
These are legit my favorite videos from Donut Media.
Warren B
Warren B преди ден
I thought they both turned out pretty darn good. Nice work, Zack
B_Rad88! GT2 MODDER!
B_Rad88! GT2 MODDER! преди ден
Is it specific applicator and filler for dashboard?
Daniel Roache
Daniel Roache преди ден
Pin this comment, you’re supposed to paint the cap of the spray paint can at the same time as what you’re actually painting so you can touch the cap and see if it’s dry... not the dash
Henrique Braga
Henrique Braga преди ден
i m just wiating for the ligth coasts shirt
William Wood
William Wood преди ден
19:18 pwediepie on team donut 🍩 😋
chronicdesign876/scentplugja преди ден
Fabian de Pooter
Fabian de Pooter преди ден
Flock the overlay
SuperCookieGaming преди ден
if you can going to a junk yard on the east coast will give you uncracked dashes
Grass Board Nerds
Grass Board Nerds преди ден
I like the Miata dash better
Apex Race
Apex Race преди ден
Whats the difference between the glue method of flocking and electro static whats better?
Manuel Faxas
Manuel Faxas преди ден
Lord Flick
Lord Flick преди ден
My family would be mad at me for all the space I was taking up and the mess I was making with options 2 and 3. I'm usually a cheap so and so but I would just go for the overlay personally.
Coinrule Wealthmiser
Coinrule Wealthmiser преди ден
good to know when i have to replace the dash in my cts
Leon Perušić
Leon Perušić преди ден
Do you have link of Flock it kit, because I can't find it on amazon
Dimitri Bellakis
Dimitri Bellakis преди ден
idkchocolate преди ден
Not a fan of the flock it
Michael Frog-Man Bourne
Michael Frog-Man Bourne преди ден
New drinking game. Every-time the word “crack” or “filler” is said you take a shot. You’ll be sleeping in a ditch or wheelbarrow within five minutes. (I might be speaking from experience.) =] 💜 just a joke.
JJ Cuffee
JJ Cuffee преди ден
What’s the song you use for BRoll/background??
Ackage преди ден
I get flocking in a racer since it cuts out glare, but I don't think I'd want it on daily driven car. How easily can it be cleaned/dusted without removing the actual flock? Also, i think the painted dash looked pretty good, the repairs weren't super noticeable. At least at first glance
Darryl Schipper
Darryl Schipper преди ден
Just buy a used one from a miada in the northern states or Canada??? S14, your shit out of luck.
John ‘Juice’ Shipper
John ‘Juice’ Shipper преди ден
Ew, Pewdiepie 🤢
Almughira Kiani
Almughira Kiani преди ден
Obviously the S14 looks splendid
901 street garage
901 street garage преди ден
Donut : posts video on how to fix a cracked dash Acura TL owners: they can be fixed?😩
Nathan Munar
Nathan Munar преди 2 дни
The pewdiepie clip tho haha
Pixelated преди 2 дни
My 2000 s10 extreme from Florida had a sun trashed dash.. no amount of effort would fix it. Lucky for me an entire dash in mint condition was$100.
Rick Y
Rick Y преди 2 дни
My dash overlay is a custom Burber fitted carpet without the under pad.
Devon Lambert
Devon Lambert преди 2 дни
Fixing a cracked dash is cool and all, but how about all them absolutely *shattered* dashboards in our F-Bodies? Jokes aside, these dashboards are more brittle than glass
Matthew Huliganga
Matthew Huliganga преди 2 дни
can you guys show us a power steering install? you explain everything so easy!
Kim Kim Lim
Kim Kim Lim преди 2 дни
That flock thing... wait till you wipe the dash with a wet cloth like your weekly normal cleaning routine.
OR HARONYAN преди 2 дни
The thing u did to the nissan dash would look great on the miata
Hayhay Takahashi
Hayhay Takahashi преди 2 дни
my man Jobe can High Key get it 😳😳
Danny Hampton
Danny Hampton преди 2 дни
Now do you think the fill and spray paint method is worth the money spent on it? Which one had a better return on investment?
brad c
brad c преди 2 дни
after flocking… can you touch it? like without the fibres coming off. would love to know the durability of it
Reece 1
Reece 1 преди 2 дни
Fill the cracks not the whole fucking dash lol. Also don’t use cardboard as a bondo plate it absorbs
EMMANUEL преди 2 дни
7:32 *insert hitmark sound effect*
Kristiun преди 2 дни
Acura TL owners be like:
tyler harris
tyler harris преди 2 дни
Every 2nd gen ram owner here
Better With Rum
Better With Rum преди 2 дни
When are we going to get a Zack and Chris Fix episode?
Michael Runde
Michael Runde преди 2 дни
I work in car interiors and this job would be a nightmare 😂
doctajuice преди 2 дни
12 clicks on the right side of your phone screen to skip the money pit intro and the ad.
Posertrash преди 2 дни
The cover/dash cap usually looks way better if you put it on then leave it in the hot car for a couple days so it takes the shape of your dash better then you use spray glue and stick it on permanently
Brendan D'brass
Brendan D'brass преди 2 дни
Don't know why I'm here but it's more interesting than I expected.
Brian Hammond
Brian Hammond преди 2 дни
I dont know about the Flock It product. It looks ok, but I would only want to use this if they offer a different finish. That looks too much like velvet.
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